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Nick is a federal litigator whose practice focuses on complex issues of civil litigation including personal injury, compensation claims, insurance issues, reimbursement, and allegations of negligence.  Not only does Nick deliver direct counselling services to his clients who have been harmed but he also engages with his clients’ families to provide support and encouragement throughout all stages of the investigative and litigation processes.  Nick is regarded as one of the most sympathetic and considerate attorneys and has the ability to immediately make his clients feel secure despite their unfortunate circumstances.

Nick works vigorously to ensure that his clients get the compensation, treatment, and personal counseling services they deserve.  Oftentimes, he is able to obtain large compensation packages and settlements without going to court.  Nick is highly effective at seeking justice to make his clients whole again.  His outreach to his clients is based on passion, dedication, and a deep level of understanding of their current situation, all of which fuel his mission to help make things right for his clients who have been wronged.

At all times, Nick is driven by optimism and dedication and immediately instils a sense of trust in his clients from his superior work ethic and experience.  Nick is actively involved in all his clients’ personal injury cases and provides a level of service that is both personal and effective.

In 2011, Nick founded Oberheiden, P.C. and immediately began fulfilling his commitment to help clients who have been hurt, damaged, or otherwise wronged and facing hardship from their personal injuries.  Nick leads his law firm though guidance and respect while promoting the principles of determination and diplomacy in character.

Oberheiden, P.C. is composed of a unique blend of attorneys, including former DOJ trial attorneys, former state and federal prosecutors, former FBI agents, and former U.S. attorneys.  The firm attracts clients from across the nation.  The majority of Nick’s clients include individuals, families, corporations, directors, officers, health care officials, and hospitals across the nation from coast to coast.

Nick has law degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles (Juris Doctor) and the Universities of Munich, Hamburg, Bochum, Schools of Law (Diplom Jurist).  Nick obtained a PhD from the University of Heidelberg, School of Law for writing his thesis on critical comparisons of constitutional interpretation in the United States, Brazil, and Germany.

He has served as a Visiting Scholar at UCLA, a Research Fellow at UCLA, and has had various academic visits to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, France, Germany, South Africa, Namibia.  Nick has taught constitutional law and federal civil procedure on multiple continents.  Among his other achievements, awards, and honors include the following:

  • American Academy, Elected Among Germany’s Top Scholars under 40
  • Extern, Office of the Prosecutor, ICTY, The Hague
  • Visiting Lawyer, Supreme Court of Brazil (Brasilia)
  • Invitations to other various foreign Supreme Courts
  • Invitation by the American Academy to host and interview U.S. Supreme Court Justice Breyer in Berlin, Germany in acknowledgement of Nick’s research in comparative and international law.

Nick has published books, articles, and blogs, including a detailed legal treatise on civil litigation written in Portuguese, “The U.S. Civil Justice System.”  Nick speaks four languages fluently—English, German, French, and Portuguese—and regularly speaks with his clients in their native language.

News stations, magazines, and newspapers across the nation have featured Nick in their publications regarding various issues of public concern, interest, and debate.  Major news outlets that frequently seek Nick’s opinions include the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg, Forbes Magazine, USA Today, and Fox News, to name a few.  He has been interviewed by over one thousand radio stations in all 50 states.  Nick has also been featured in over 600 international newspapers across the globe.

Clients from over 45 states have hired Nick to act as their advocate and organizer for justice.  In stark contrast to periodic discussions and delegation of duties, Nick is actively involved in all his firm’s cases and makes it a point to frequently communicate with his clients throughout each step and get his clients back on their feet after an injury.  His defining signature includes his ability to litigate cases that result in significant monetary settlement packages for his clients who have been injured as a result of no fault of their own.

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Nick Oberheiden is the absolute best federal litigation attorney. Nick gives you the immediate comfort of feeling 100% protected. He is polite, respectful— and extremely compelling. His legal strategy turned out to be brilliant.

– Marshall M.

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