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What Are the Common Causes of A Motorcycle Accident?

common causes of motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents can lead to extensive property damage and serious injuries. The injuries sustained can be more severe than injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The reason for this is because the motorcyclist is less protected on a motorcycle compared to a car or truck. Despite these unfortunate facts, it is important to note the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Speeding. Speeding is a significant factor that leads to motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists who are speeding often do not pay attention to the traffic lights, stop signs, or other drivers on the road. This causes numerous accidents per year and is a leading contributor to serious injuries or death.
  • Visibility issues. Because of the small size of the motorcycle compared to motor vehicles, many motorcyclists drive around vehicles at greater speeds often to avoid traffic. While this is a benefit of the motorcycle over a motor vehicle, it could lead to an accident. Drivers in the motor vehicles sometimes do not see the motorcycle passing them and, therefore, any sudden changes in direction of the motor vehicle could impact the motorcycle and lead to an accident.
  • Alcohol or drug use while operating the motorcycle. Driving with drugs or alcohol in your system prevents that individual’s mind and motor skills from functioning appropriately. Many accidents occur when there are impairments to one’s mental capacity and motor skills.
  • Poor road or weather conditions. Some motorcycle accidents are caused by the failure of the city to maintain safe road conditions or sudden and unplanned weather hazards. Potholes or sleet can cause the motorcycle to veer out of control and result in a sudden crash of the motorcycle. In other words, not all accidents are caused by the motorcyclist’s negligence.
  • Passing animals or pedestrians. Animals or pedestrians that unexpectedly cross the road can cause devastating reactions for motorcyclists. Many motorcyclists will respond by quickly swerving to the side to avoid hitting the animal or pedestrian. But in doing so, the motorcycle often leans to the side too much and topples over. Again, because the motorcyclist is not surrounded by the protective metal of a motor vehicle, they are more likely to suffer severe bodily injury or die as a result of the accident.
  • Product defects. Manufacturing or design defects in the motorcycle could lead to accidents. For instance, improper brake functions or faulty treadwear could cause the driver to lose control of the motorcycle, veer off the road or into other vehicles, and get into an accident.
  • Interactions with motor vehicles. A motorcycle is small and unprotected compared to motor vehicles. Even the smallest of collisions with a motor vehicle could lead to significant injuries to the motorcyclist. For instance, a motorcyclist could flip over completely if the driver in a motor vehicle suddenly opens their car door. Similarly, if a motor vehicle stops suddenly on the road, the motorcyclist may run directly into the rear of the car. While the driver in the vehicle will likely only suffer minor injuries, the motorcyclists may get severely injured or may even die.
  • Distractions to the motorcyclist. Listening to music, talking on the phone, texting, or talking with the other individual on the back of the motorcycle are unnecessary distractions to the driver. Distractions are a cause of motorcycle accidents that are most avoidable. It is critical for the motorcyclist to stay distraction-free on the road, as driving distractions are a frequent cause of motorcycle accidents.
  • Lack of skill in operating a motorcycle. To an extent, motorcyclists have a greater responsibility to strictly adhere to the rules of the road. However, motorcyclists with little experience operating a motorcycle make more mistakes than an experienced motorcyclist. Inexperienced motorcyclists not only put themselves in danger but also other drivers on the road and pedestrians.

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